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Knowing Your Options When Electing Social Security Benefits

Most of us pay into the social security system for years and years. The deduction becomes so familiar that we lose sight of the money missing from our paychecks and assume that all the contributions will be waiting for us at retirement. The social security fund has often been described like a Ponzi scheme; an empty vault that depends on enough contributors to handle the payments to the current recipient population. That equation has changed dramatically over the years, since social security was created. With the ballooning baby-boom generation hiking the numbers of recipients, the numbers of contributors, and the important ratio of both, has decreased. For those who are nearing the age of eligibility, the means by which the money is withdrawn comes into sharp focus. It used to be that most people just assumed that when they hit age 65, it was a slam dunk. That is no


Protecting Your Nest Egg From You

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing. ~ Socrates When my daughter was five years old, she was full of questions. What five-year-old isn’t, right? But with Shawnie, it was a running dialogue. The most important lesson I ever learned about being successful personally and financially, I learned from her: “I do not know.” Only when we can recognize that there is “stuff we don’t know,” will we grow in knowledge. How can we learn something unless we first acknowledge that we do not know it? If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it is that you cannot force people to learn. You can be a fountain of information, a veritable river of knowledge that you impart with skill and enthusiasm, but if there is no “impartee” to receive it, you are confusing talking with teaching. The education process is like a radio broadcast. Without


FormulaFolios and AssetLock Select Ron Tetley of Creative Advisors, LLC

Creative Advisors, LLC is proud to announce our new partnership with FormulaFolios and AssetLock. Your financial future doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s simple when you work with a team that is using a clear methodology to produce the results you are looking for. We are excited to be working with an industry leader to provide better investment management. FormulaFolios and AssetLock make it easier for clients to save and invest, to monitor and help protect what people have worked an entire lifetime to accumulate. The cornerstone of a great financial plan is a sound investment process. At FormulaFolios, they use smart formulas to help automate good decisions, while simultaneously avoiding bad ones. Each decision their portfolios make is based on proven, academic research. They have structured three specific processes to enhance your experience: Customized Asset Allocation Money Manager Selection Tactical, Ongoing Asset Management AssetLock is designed to help protect


Can You Have Safety in a Chaotic Financial World?

When I was a kid growing up in Colorado, I used to wake up in the morning to the sun shining through my window. I would see the nice weather outside and decide “I think I will go on an adventure today.” I would get out of bed, put on some shorts and my favorite tank top, grab my tennis shoes and head for the door. Very rarely would I meet any of my family members on the way to the garage. I would grab my bike and head out the door. I would leave our cul-de-sac and just ride around exploring road after road, trying to find any I had never been on before. Some days I would ride for hours until finally realizing I was hungry and needed to head home. Back then there was rule about going out on my own or when I had to back. As


3 Biggest Myths of Investing

Stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. These are the 3 biggest myths in the financial industry! For anyone to say that they can pick a stock, or time the market, because they know something the rest of the world does not, is pretty arrogant. Think about this…..if these so called prognosticators did know which stocks to buy or sell, they would have already done it and they would not need you. They would already own everything in the world and we would all be working for them. Not only that, they would not tell you how to do it because they would want to keep that a secret for themselves. If they really knew gold was going up in price, why do they want to sell it to you? Shouldn’t they be buying it and keeping it for themselves? Isn’t it funny that the people that want out of something will


The Number One Rule in Investing

Never has it been more volatile in the financial market then it is now. Huge swings up one day and huge drops down the next. One day we are setting record highs and the very next day we are having record drops. Sometimes we drop more in one hour than we used to drop in an entire month. Remember the days when it used to take a whole year to lose 20% in the market? The volatility of the market can be very disheartening and cause anxiety. This is why Warren Buffet’s rules for investing ring true with so many today, especially retirees. What is his number one rule? Never lose any money. His number two rule is – Never forget rule number one. Sounds simple enough, but how does this work in such a volatile market? Most people near or already in retirement, have come to an understanding that